Friday, October 3, 2008

Thanksgiving...10 days left!

For us Canadians, we have Thanksgiving the second Monday of we have 10 more days! My son is excited because he love the big meal. We found turkeys on sale so we got 2 of them...(the other one is for Christmas.) We will have some of the pickled beets I made, stuffing and deviled eggs. I don't know if dh will make his own special stuffing but I will make the one I like. (I don't like his). I still need to pick up a few things this weekend for the dinner but it's not much left to get.
It will only be the five of us this year unless my dh invites someone who doesn't have anyone to celebrate Thanksgiving with. His brother and sister that lives nearby will be going out of the province to their mom's for the holiday. There is also a feast/gifting going on there. It will be a year the day before Thanksgiving since my FIL died and their family, being Native Canadians, usually have a feast and gifting a year after a family member dies. It can get expensive. So they will be going to that. The kids were diappointed thier aunt and uncle won't be here but they felt better when I told them they might be here for Christmas.


Leann said...

CAn you please explain a gifting?

SeaRune said...

A year after a family member dies, the family throws a big feast and hands out gifts to all those who were invited. It can get quite expensive so I think my MIL is just going to have a get together as she can't afford the usual Feast.