Tuesday, March 10, 2009

February GPD

Last month since February doesn't go all the way to the 31st I had it on the last day of the month. Wearing my Halloween socks and wearing black, I spent some time reading one of my ghost story books that my man gave to me for Christmas. I had also looked on the internet and other places for ideas for what I will dress up for Halloween this year. My older daughter of course wants to be another kind of princess. So far she has been Snow White, and Cinderella. I think she said she wanted to be the Little Mermaid this time but she might change her mind so I won't bother have it down as a definite. Usually with my son when he makes up his mind he doesn't change it. But he said he wasn't sure yet. The youngest I'm sure we will find something. She is still not that old enough to choose for herself.
This month for GPD I'll be starting to get ready for Easter but will manage to spend some time on Halloween. :)