Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Halloween Countdown...week two

This week is planning parties and traditions. I'm also going to focus on some cleaning.
Things to do this week:
(X) Copy and print out week two to do list.
() Make invitations. (I'm not doing a party so I will skip all the things to do for parties)
(X) Do a quick deocr declutter. (I already have my fall/Halloween decorations up except for a few left)
(X) Plan the date, time, etc. of any trips to a pumpkin patch. (I am trying to find one. It none around then I'll have to look to get my pumpkins elsewhere. My dh already picked up a white one.)
() Fill out and post to do list for Master Bedroom
(X) Decide on costumes and start purchasing any elements needed. (My two daughters already have theirs...one is going as Snow White and the other is a Witch. My son wants to be a fisherman. Only have to make fish to attach to his fishing pole and a fisherman's hat left. I don't know if I can find everything I need. I'm looking for pink sneakers and pink shades to complete my outfit.)
(X) Check your gift closet and decor stash for any items bought on clearance last year after Halloween.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Halloween Countdown...week one

This week is the start of the Halloween countdown which will help get things organized and done so I can enjoy Halloween without feeling so rushed. This week is for planning, calendars and lists.

(X) Promise to spend at least 15 min./day this week to get organized
(X) Set up Halloween/Autumn planner in a notebook or 3-ring binder.
(X) Print a cover and spine pages and insert in clear view binder. Add section deivders then add blank lined pages for any notes, records, etc.
(X) Make or designate a planning calendar and place in binder in proper section
(X) Traditions or events will be the same...the usual decorating, making costumes, carving pumpkins, toasting pumpkin seeds, and the usual trick-or-treating. I haven't found anything new to add to our usual traditions.
(X) Planning a party? No so I won't have to worry about that part.

Most of the decorating is up now. I finally found some magnetic strips and washers for my clipboard countdown and was able to finish it today.
My youngest daughter wants to be a witch, my older daughter wants to be snow white and the oldest...my son wants to be a fisherman for Halloween. I have both my daughters costume and most of my son's ready. Not quite sure what I will dress up as yet.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I couldn't wait. I usually start decorating in a week or two but this past weekend I started to put up some decorations for Fall/Halloween. The kids don't mind as they are excited and can't wait for Halloween to arrive. I will do most of the decorating. The window clings will go on almost last. The last ones are the purple and orange lights that my dh will put up around the living/dining room for me since he is much taller and can reach easily up where the ceiling and wall meet. :)

I also started a little earlier for the Halloween countdown than planned. So...for the Pre-Halloween countdown...I wrote down all the rooms I will be working on during the countdown, then went around to each room and wrote down what needed to be done in each room. The room that will be the hardest is the master bedroom. It seems the family like to dump things in my room so now I will have to go through everything and try to find a place for it all.