Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Halloween Countdown...week one

This week is the start of the Halloween countdown which will help get things organized and done so I can enjoy Halloween without feeling so rushed. This week is for planning, calendars and lists.

(X) Promise to spend at least 15 min./day this week to get organized
(X) Set up Halloween/Autumn planner in a notebook or 3-ring binder.
(X) Print a cover and spine pages and insert in clear view binder. Add section deivders then add blank lined pages for any notes, records, etc.
(X) Make or designate a planning calendar and place in binder in proper section
(X) Traditions or events will be the same...the usual decorating, making costumes, carving pumpkins, toasting pumpkin seeds, and the usual trick-or-treating. I haven't found anything new to add to our usual traditions.
(X) Planning a party? No so I won't have to worry about that part.

Most of the decorating is up now. I finally found some magnetic strips and washers for my clipboard countdown and was able to finish it today.
My youngest daughter wants to be a witch, my older daughter wants to be snow white and the oldest...my son wants to be a fisherman for Halloween. I have both my daughters costume and most of my son's ready. Not quite sure what I will dress up as yet.

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