Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Aftermath...

Well, Halloween is over now. My kids were recovering from the flu and thankfully got well in time for them to do some trick-or-treating but they didn't want to stay out too long. That was fine by me as they really don't need all that junk food. Last year we had none so I decided to go out with the kids and their dad. People thought my youngest was adorable in her pink poodle dog costume, my other daughter was dressed as Hannah Montana and my son was a skeleton in a black robe. They did fairly well for candy...I think because all the places we went to the people told us not many came by so they would end up giving a fistful of candy to each of them. The weather was surprisinly 2 degrees celcius and a little breeze. I was thankful the weather was so nice for the all the kids who went out last night.
Once home, I sorted their candy, letting them have a few then I put the rest away. Then I put on "The Nightmare Before Christmas" for them to watch till one by one they went to bed. Surprisingly we got 5 kids at the door (compared to none last year). I myself wasn't feeling well, nor in the Halloween Spirit to dress up this year. This morning I realized I am suffering from bronchitis *ugh* so I'm not sure when I will feel up to taking down all the Halloween decorations.
Its time now to get ready for Remembrance Day. Hope you all had a good Hallowen!