Thursday, August 21, 2008

When to start...

I was going through my Halloween binder today and decided to see when the Halloween countdown will start. I see that people will be starting on September 21st this year for the six weeks but I will have to start a week earlier...which is September 14th because I have an extra week in there do's the Pre-Halloween Countdown assignments. I saw at the Dollarama store they are starting to bring out the Halloween decorations. So next month I'll be taking a trip there. I figure they should be done putting out all of them by then.

Monday, August 11, 2008

GPD for August...

Well, I couldn't wait for GPD day to arrive. LOL! Can't help it...I just love Halloween. So I have printed off the Halloween Countdown which you can find here... . I also revamped my binder and purchased page protectors for it. I also made new section dividers. Once I get my printer fixed I can print off more things for the binder. I've also found some Halloween cards from the past several years. I think I will have to display those when I decorate next month. I figured since I do it with Christmas cards, then why now Halloween ones. :D

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Clipboard Craft

I'm working on a Halloween Clipboard craft. I took an average sized clipboard, painted it black, then used some Halloween scrapbooking paper, stickers to decorate it. On it I put a couple of washers and on the back of the tags with single diget numbers I put magnetic strips so it will stick to the washers. As a finishing touch I put some orange, silver and black ribbon to loop through the hole on the top. It hangs wonderfully. My kids liked it so much, they told me they wanted to make one of their own for their room. LOL! So I guess the next time I get some extra money, I'll be heading back to the dollar store to pick up more supplies so my kids can make one of their own. :D