Thursday, October 30, 2008

One more day!

Halloween is tomorrow! The kids are excited and can't wait to try on their costumes. My son wants to be a fisherman. Just have to dig out is fisherman's hat. My older daughter is of course snow white. She likes being any of the princesses...she's a princess nut! LOL! Helps me when I need to think of what to get her for a gift whether birthday or Christmas. The younger daughter is only 2 and she will be a cute little witch. We will just have her go around the block then come home to stay with me to help hand out candy while their dad takes the 2 older ones out for trick-or-treating.

Today when the kids come home from school, we will be carving out our pumpkins. We have a white one and 2 orange ones. That is the least amount we have ever had. Usually we carve anywhere from 4-7 pumpkins. Talk about alot of pumpkin seeds to roast! LOL! I'm just hoping and praying that the weather will be warm enough for them. But as usual here in Canada when it is cold, we just put the costume over their winter coats/snowsuits.


Carrie said...

Happy Great Pumpkin Day!

starflake said...

Happy Halloween!