Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Halloween Countdown...week four

Time to look at decor! This is my favourite thing to do...though I think I got the jump on decorating. LOL! I couldn't wait so I did alot of my decorating already. ;)

This Week:
* Inventory the freezer and record the contents. Plan to eat from the freezer for the month of October, freeing up space for party foods and food for the oncoming holiday season! Use your food budget savings to stock up on items for the party or on holiday staples. (Haven't done yet)
* Do a mini freezer cooking session and put 5-10 entrees in your freezer. Use these meals on busy fall evenings with sports practice, football games, or just relaxing with family. (Haven't done yet.)
* Start now to buy one bag of Halloween candy or treats for the Trick or Treaters. If you buy a little each week is much easier on the budget. (Already have some candy put away)
* Do a quick declutter this week so that your fall decor will sparkle. (Check)
* Decorate for fall this week. (Got most down already)
* Don’t forget your front porch or entry. Give it a quick clean and add some pumpkins, scarecrows, or other fall decor. (I did clean up the front porch outside but I didn't decorate. People tend to either destroy or steal things so I'm concerned it will happen.)

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