Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Picking Pumpkings

Your pumpkins will be in your home for at least a few days, so take the time to give your potential pumpkin some thought.

*Envision the shape of the pumpkin that would best suit your jack-o'-lantern design. Go so far as to draw some simple faces on pieces of paper that you would like to carve in your pumpkin. You can also look online for some ideas or buy at the store stencils.

* Go to your local pumpkin patch or the local grocery store. Don't go too early, since you want your pumpkin to be in good shape when Halloween arrives.

* Make sure the pumpkin you choose is able to stand up. Pumpkins do not have to be perfect; they look a lot scarier if they are weird. Once I had it laying on it's side and used the stem as the nose. Everyone thought it was one of the best ones we carved. :)

* Choose a pumpkin that is big enough to be striking when lit inside, but not so big that it keels over when carved.

* Examine the stem. If the gourd's stem is loose or has evidence of rotting, don't buy it.

* Pick up the pumpkin and examine it from all sides. Reject any pumpkins with blemishes such as white mildew, brown stains or wormholes.

* Knock on the pumpkin. It should sound hollow when ripe.

* Barter for a lower price if you are buying many pumpkins, and if you are buying them close to Halloween.


Carrie said...

Thank you for the great tips. I have always wondered how to tell if it is ripe. I just cut into it and hope it is ready for baking.

SeaRune said...

You are welcome. Glad to help. :)