Saturday, October 25, 2008

Easy Halloween Wreath

This is so easy to make, the kids can make it up in 5 minutes! So gather them 'round to make this spooky fun Halloween wreath.

You will need:
* 8" styrofoam wreath
* 2-2" strips of orange fabric 44" long
* 1 2" strip of black fabric
* 12" long Metallic trim (optional)
* 1 yucky rubber spider
* Craft glue

Do not worry about the type of fabric you are using. It is the color effect we are after, anything that is orange and black will work. Wool, felt, satin, cotton, etc.


Wrap the orange strips around the wreath to cover the base entirely. Glue ends down in the back. Do not worry about raw edges showing. Wrap metallic trim around the wreath in the same manner and bring ends to the back and glue down. This step is optional but I think it gives some extra "snap" to the end result. Tie black strip in a bow and attach at the top with glue. Tie black thread around the body of your yucky spider and hang down from the middle of the wreath. Glue the thread ends in the back of the wreath as well. Let the spider hang free. This is the spider's web. It is so simple and the kids will have fun hanging all sorts of yuckies from the wreath. It also costs next to nothing if you use odd and ends from around the house. Enjoy!