Friday, October 31, 2008


I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween. Last night we carved pumpkins. The two older children did each of their own and I did one. I also roasted the pumpkin seeds...though I think I'll leave out the seeds if we get a white pumpkin. They don't taste as good as the seeds from the orange ones. The morning I woke to hear the older 2 kids playing in one of their rooms. They were too excited since is was now finally Halloween.
In a flash we busied around the house getting ready for school. I packed their lunches, made them breakfast, packed their backpacks since they needed their swimsuits. The afternoon they will be going swimming while the morning, the grade 6's are putting on a penny carnival. You can get in by giving pennies or some food for the food bank. They also get to have a treat that they are selling so I made sure they had some pocket change so they could get one.
Last night we had them try their costumes. The youngest was in a foul mood and did not like it when I tried to put on her Halloween costume. So I decided that today if she still didn't want to wear it I have a back up plan...she can wear my older daughter's lady bug costume that she wore years ago. Meg seems to hate the witch's costume but didn't mind wearing the bug's costume. So...we shall see which of the two she will choose to wear this evening.


Carrie said...

One year my son refused to dress up for a halloween party. We did convince him to at least wear his cowboy boots. Ahh!!

He felt pretty silly when we got to the party and everyone was in costume... but him.

Aggy said...

Happy Halloween. Have a Boootiful day.