Sunday, October 26, 2008

Stained Glass Pumpkins

Soften and alter the stark light of a jack-o’-lantern’s candle or bulb by using sheets of colored wax paper to create a stained glass-o’-lantern.

Or, if you can’t resist the lure of tradition, you can also use this technique on a classic pumpkin and carve a motif such as an Indian-summer sun. When the light diffuses through the wax paper, it casts a unique glow onto a stoop or stairway.

1. With a serrated knife or mini handsaw, cut a hole into the gourd’s top or bottom; scoop out the seeds.

2. If you’re using a template, draw the design on a sheet of paper and cut out. Tape the drawing to the gourd, and use a needle poking tool or pushpin to trace your design. If you’d rather draw directly on the gourd, use a soft felt-tipped pen, so the nib won’t bruise it, in red or green ink so stray marks don’t stand out. Cut the design out. Use a smooth blade to clean rough edges.

3. Attach colored wax paper to the inside of the gourd with straight pins. If you’re using a candle, make sure that it’s short and sturdy so the paper doesn’t burn. Or to be safer use battery operated lights to place inside. There are lots out there to choose from.

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Neat, thanks for sharing!