Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Halloween Countdown...week 3

This is the week for planning your party menu, treats, and any special Halloween meals as well as freezer meals for when you are too busy to cook.

Things to do...
* I don't have to worry about anything to do with getting ready for any parties...not having one.
* Finish picking up all decorations. There’s plenty out in the stores by now. (Got pretty much all of it. Just picking up the odds and ends if I see something I like that catches my attention.
* Food is the focus…try out a party recipe or two this week..better to test before serving. (Since I'm not doing any parties, I have decided to focus the food geared towards Thanksgiving since it is next Monday. I have all I need to make the Thanksgiving dinner.)
* Party favors and goodie bags.(Not for any party but I have started to buy candy for the trick-or-treaters)
* I'm still working on getting the rest of the Halloween costumes together.

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