Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Halloween Definitions

Here are some cute Halloween definitions :)

* Coffin: What you do when you get a piece of popcorn stuck in your throat.
* Frankenstein: Hot dog and a mug of beer.
* Full moon: What your repairman reveals when he bends over to fix your fridge.
* Goblin: How you eat the snickers bars you got for Halloween.
* Boogieman: Guy who passes time at a stoplight picking his nose.
* Invisible Man: What a guy becomes when there's housework to be done. Also, see Mr.Hyde.
* Jack O' Lantern: An Irish Pumpkin.
* Jack the Ripper: What Jack does to his lottery tickets after losing each week.
* Mummy: Who kisses the boo-boo after you scrape your knee.
* Pumpkin Patch: What a pumpkin wears when trying to quit smoking.
* Skeleton: Any supermodel.
* Vampire Bat: What Dracula hits a baseball with.
* Zombie: What you look like before that first cup of morning coffee.


Carrie said...

Those are wonderful. Love the "boggieman" and" Mr. Hyde". My hubby is Mr.Hyde (so is my son). Thanks-- I needed a good giggle this afternoon.

SeaRune said...

LOL! Glad I could help put a smile on your face. :)