Friday, September 4, 2009

It's In The Stores!

Halloween stuff has finally begun to hit the stores! During a day when I had little money on me at the time, I decided to go to the dollar store just to browse. And what did I find? Lots of Halloween stuff on their shelves! I practically drooled over all the stuff. Alot I saw they had last year but there was also some new stuff that I can pick up later on. I went to the other dollar store across the road and they only had a few things out...same as Walmart. There were a couple hand towels with the Halloween theme on them for only a dollar. So I picked up a couple and a couple other things...only cost me about five bucks. :) So between now and Halloween I'll be scraping my extra coins and such together so I can begin adding to my Halloween decorations. It won't be long before I start putting them up around the house. Yes, I love Halloween! :D

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halloween spirit said...

Yes, I've been exploring stores lately as well, checking for new Halloween additions. They're starting to fill up :)