Saturday, August 1, 2009


Appropriate for Halloween is the fact that there are monsters of all kinds and we often see them on the faces of kids on Halloween. But the kind of monsters I am talking about are those found in lakes and such. One such famous one is the Lochness Monster. But here in Canada, we too apparently have our own.
* In British Columbia in Lake Okanagan is one such monster called N'ha-a-itk, also called Naitaka. It was said to be a long loop-backed lake serpent with a horse-shaped head, bright eyes and, according to some, pointy horns and fins. The First Nations people had feared Naitaka and wouldn't fish near it's home without first offering it a living sacrifice. Often it was a dog, chicken or duck. By WWI, Naitaka had come to be known as Ogopogo.
* Grate Slave Lake in the Northwest Territories they say holds a fast-moving, quick-diving dragon-like creature that has been recently been dubbed Ol' Slavey.
* Lake Champlain that runs south from Quebec into the U.S.A. has a resident monster named after Samuel de Champlain nicknamed Champ.
* In Manitoba's interconnected waters of Lake Manitoba, Lake Winnipeg and Lake Winnipegosis is a greenish-black beast named Manipogo.
* In Ontario, a creature in Lake Simcoe's Kempenfelt Bay have one named Igopogo, named after it's British Columbia "cousin" but many think it might just be a really big freshwater seal.
* Then there is one in Quebec's Lake Memphremegog named Memphre has been sighted more than 200 times since the early 1800's.

*pic is of Champ in Lake Champlain

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mrsb said...

I am such a huge fan of lake monsters, lol! I had absolutely heard of Champ, but the others are new to me. I'll be looking them up! Thanks for sharing!